Radon Secure

Why Radon Secure?

I blame my brother-in-law (Radon Ron) and Doug Kladder, a radon gas expert and industry legend, for inspiring me to start this new venture.  Last year, after an awesome Thanksgiving feast at Ron and Melissa’s home in Illinois, Ron told me all about his successful radon business in Chicago.  I was intrigued by his passion and began researching the subject in great detail.   Over the next 4 months, I learned a lot and decided to give it a try.  I was convinced that radon testing saves lives (quite literally), that I could become good at it, and that it will always be needed in Wisconsin (my home).

But first, I needed to get certified, which I did in February after taking Doug Kladder’s outstanding professional Radon training course and spending many late nights studying and listening to his audio interviews of radon experts across the country.  Then it took me 2 more weeks to convince myself that Radon Secure Testing LLC was a much better name that Radon Force.  I loved the idea of incorporating my obsession with Star Wars, but logic eventually prevailed. I believe everyone should feel SECURE in their homes, schools, and offices knowing that their exposure to radon is below the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L!

The next step is to create our website (hence this first blog post) which will probably take a few more weeks because I need to hook it up with a new invoicing backend system and a new business checking account.  As soon as I can take credit card payments, I will officially be open for business!


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